Ezooc... the Collective

Operating from Brixton, South London. Ezooc is a design collective, a small group of artists from different countries who share some similar intersets.

The idea is to partner together to put some soul back in product design, and items that we use everyday. We partner with different artists from around the world to create products that are useful, beautiful yet artistic and unique.

Item listed at Ezooc.com are mostly made by artists who are part of the collective, or in some occasions have been researched and hand picked by Ezooc team and fellow artists and partners.

Here, it's not Ikea, here you will only find what's hand made, what's made with Love and dedication, where the artist's is the last touch on a product, here we are against mass production and manufacturing.

Vintage and Antiques:

Antiques tell a story, we collect and display some antiques and vintage items of historic value, some will be for sale and some will be listed for inspiration and appreciation.

Most of what is listed is limited edition and quantity, or unique pieces sold as one-off, everything we supply is made with love.
In our fine food section, we source only that what is organic, traditional, hand crafted and unique.


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